Help for Ukraine

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine many knitters and crocheters have been wondering what they can do to help.  Getting items into the country is complicated and knowing where they would do most good is almost impossible for us as individuals.
We were contacted recently by St Andrews Motor Company in Huddersfield West Yorkshire with the perfect solution. The company set up ‘Huddersfield to Ukraine, Humanitarian Aid’ and have been fundraising, and accepting and distributing aid to the people of Ukraine since March 2022.  The team have made five journeys to Poland and into Ukraine with medical supplies, hygiene products, dried food, baby milk and food, stretchers, wheelchairs, crutches, candles......the list is endless 
The organisation emailed UK Hand Knitting because they are desperately short of socks and beanie hats for the soldiers at the front line and for civilians in need.  They are appealing to the crafting community to get your needles and hooks ready to help make as many socks and hats as we can to send out to Ukraine. Can you help?
The socks must be at least 75% wool because the soldiers put them on overnight to keep their feet dry and warm, this helps with trench foot.  They don’t need heel shaping but can simply be a knitted tube with one end sewn closed to keep feet warm.
Beanie hats can be made using any fibre, but they MUST ONLY be dark grey, navy, khaki, dark brown or black so that soldiers can remain inconspicuous on the front line. 
Our website has free patterns for hats that you can use and a DK sock and tube sock pattern will be up shortly.
The address to send knitted or crocheted items to is:
St Andrews Motor Company
273, Leeds Road
West Yorkshire
If you want to find out more about Huddersfield to Ukraine, Humanitarian Aid or how to make a donations, you can  check out their Facebook group here.
Thank you
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