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We’ve recently spent thousands of pounds redesigning and updating the UK Hand Knitting website. It was already the country’s most used website for finding a local yarn shop.

And now it’s even better
So join and not only will your listing have your business name, address and contact details but you can add the services you offer, opening times, even a photograph and a direct link to your own website. Your marker on our map will highlight you as one of our premium shops


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More help is available

Access our new comprehensive resource and education centre. We cover everything from how to build a website and improve SEO (search engine optimisation) to window dressing, stock control, running a workshop, setting up a newsletter, accounts, VAT, and much, much more. It’s everything you always wanted to know about opening and running a successful independent yarn outlet.

A £100,000 opportunity for you

We have secured over £100,000 of support from all the major knitting and crochet magazines. Under the UK Hand Knitting banner, they will promote only independent yarn and craft stores in editorial, sponsorship and advertising. By joining UK Hand Knitting you can be part of that substantial investment.
The UK Hand Knitting logo that appears on all those pages and can appear on your shop door or window as a mark of quality with our specially created open/closed signs and window stickers.

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